Ed Bishop - Showreel

2mins of clips assembled from my work



Renault Kadjar Content Film - Self-shooting PD / Editor
The Cooperative Bank 'Wiseman' BTS - Self-shooting PD / Editor
Rolls-Royce Aeronautics Promo - Offline Editor
Love, Bake, Nourish (Promo) - Editor / Colourist
Cornetto Content Fim - Camera Op
Garnier 'Ultimate Blends' BTS - Camera / Editor
Perfume Shop Idents - Editor
Jaguar Ashes Idents - Editor
PG Tips Cuppa Club - Editor
Hyundai BTS - Camera / Editor
Toyota Auris - Editor/Sound/Colourist
Kernel Brewery Documentary Promo - Self-shooting PD / Editor
Dacia BTS - Camera
Interview (various) - Camera Op
Champion of the World (Short Film) - Editor
Wild (Short Film) - Director / Editor / Exec Producer
Beth Rowley (So Sublime) - Editor
Ed Harcourt (You Put A Spell on Me) - Editor
Edie and the Aliens (Short Film) - Director / Editor





Directing, Production, Editing