'Wild' Update

I'm finally at the end of the offline edit which has been an experience...Next time around this burden will definitely be shared with another editor!

Showing the rough cut to people has generated a variety of responses but all of them have been positive. The ending provokes an amount of debate, which can't be a bad thing. Off the back of  showing a rough cut  'Wild' has secured itself an excellent sound designer in the form of Jack Gillies. Jack has also managed to get us a theatre mix at Jumbuck which is great news.

The rough cut also persuaded an excellent band called Metronomy to let me use their music in the film. This is really exciting  not least because they were short listed for this years Mercury award, but  more important to me...I'm a big fan of theirs, so bit of a wish come true! The music really enhances some key scenes, so a big thanks to the band, Pru at Universal Music and Elysa at Because Music for making this happen.

Antonia Clarke, who plays Laura (Wild's lead), has recently been signed by the highly regarded talent agency, Troika, and recently picked up a part in Skins. She's an amazing talent and we at Scissorhands are quite smug that we got there first.

So it looks like we are on course for screenings in December and then putting the film into the festival circuit early next year. It's either the end of days or the beginning. Lets hope for sun