vicki murrell



I’ve been writing for about 8 years, spending early mornings, late nights and endless bus journeys on story beats and character arcs, while also working full time as an editor of illustrated books.

Last year I was commissioned to write a short film for Endless Productions, which now features as a narrative strand for Martyn Gough’s innovative Four Story Café.  I also wrote the short ‘Wild’ for Scissorhands Productions, which is doing well on the festival circuit. 

Currently I'm working on a  second short for Scissorhands, slated for production next year, and a feature screenplay.

I love films like The Last Picture Show, Nashville, 400 Blows, plus anything by the Maysles Brothers and the Free Cinema filmmakers of the 1950s – basically anything that shows people in all their eccentricities, together with a real sense of time and place. To date, I have written two shorts, two TV drama pilots and two feature-length screenplays.


Edie and the Aliens  Short Film

Edie and the Aliens
Short Film

Wild  Short Film

Short Film