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'Wild' was my first short film and has shown at festivals all over the world, including the London Short Film Festival, The East End Film Festival, and The Portland Film Festival. As experiences go it was a bit of an odyssey but in the main, a lot of fun to make and looking forward to building on it in the future.


'Wild' is about the unsettling effect of a rumour on a teenage girl.

When Laura hears that her boyfriend, Sam, may have cheated on her, it tips her life upside down. She attempts to return it to normal – meeting with Sam to test his feelings for her – but soon realises that doubt, once seeded, is not so easy to uproot.

Taking place over a 24-hour period, the film captures Laura’s uncertain state of mind and shows how quickly we feel destabilised when trust has been undermined. Photographed in an understated, naturalistic style and with a young cast, the film plays off the instinctive caginess of teenagers and conjures up the heightened intensity of adolescence where small events swell into large, hard-to-explain feelings.

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