Duckhams Oil relaunch


On location making a film to help the Duckham’s team relaunch this fantastic heritage brand. Tremendous legacy and high expectations. Wishing the team luck.

You can view the finished film here


Films for New Balance


Working with team at Bolder Creative in Brighton and Director, Mike Fisher, I cut a series of Instagram promos for New Balance's new boot, Tekela and Furon. Will post the links when they are available.


Have passport, will travel


It's been a very busy start to the year.  Working with Sarah Lockett (presenter) and the The Business Debate, I have been giving the passport a proper work out.  

We've filmed 'thought-leadership' interviews across the globe with leading brains at companies like KPMG (Chicago and New York), Accenture (Singapore), Experian Health (LA) and Vanbex (Vancouver)...more to follow.



Film for the Hastings Philharmonic


A fantastic project to work on. Collaborating with Marcio de Silva (Artistic Director at the Philharmonic), we worked hard to script and execute a film selling the Hastings Philharmonic and the wonderful town of Hastings.

The Philharmonic is the south of England's newest professional orchestra and it's well worth making the trip to hear them play.


Cordant and Storyboard

Cordant Group

Working with Jules Heynes at Storyboard productions, we provided creative and technical oversight on the post-productions of a series of films launching the Cordant Group as a social enterprise.

This was very interesting project - in an industry first for a company of its size, Cordant had taken the historical decision to move from a Limited company servicing the needs of its share holders, to a company whose focus is now its staff and clients.

Sometimes its difficult to get enthusiastic about communications but we were fired up by Peter Ullmann's passion and commitment to this project and business model. Undoubtedly Cordant are in the vanguard and we hope to help them consoldidate this transition and grow as a social enterprise.