Scissorhands first foray into Production

So it has been decided that we are going to make our first short film. Yes its madness, not least because it's self funded, but sometimes you've got to take a punt. The script is about a teenage girl trying to establish whether her boyfriend has cheated on her. It's written by a great young writer called Vicki Murrell. Ed is going to direct and it's hoped Johny and Urban will be significantly involved in the post production.

Martyn Gough is producing; Joseph Mastrangelo is photographing it; Deborah Paige is our consultant producer and it looks as if we have Sam Spruell on board for one of the roles.

At the moment we are short listing school locations and are about to begin the process of casting.

We will be revising the website to take into account this move into production so expect some significant revisions to the layout of the site. This will include a blog about the experience of making the short and a photo-blog of our progress.

We are shooting in middle of April so not long now!