'Wild' is in the Portobello Film Festival

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

'Wild' makes its festival debut at the Portobello Film Festival at the end of this month. Portobello Film Festival is a great festival as well... critics quotes below....

"The wild side of Brit Film" (Metro)
"The biggest celebration of independent film in Europe" (The Independent) 
"London’s biggest filmic free-for-all" (Time Out) 
“UK’s biggest independent film competition” (The London Paper)
“As he takes his acting very seriously Justin Timberlake should check out the emerging talent at the Portobello Film Festival” (Evening Standard)
“London’s best loved film festival.” (Creative Week) 
“Europe’s biggest indie film festival.” (Out magazine)

I'm a particular fan as they showed my first  film - and only film before 'Wild'! - back in 2003, so this seems a poetic way to start things off. More details to follow when I get them but all those associated with the film will be 'Callooh Callay' as well.

The Green Man Festival this weekend is going to be the scene of some wild celebrations - awful pun intended.